New ride

Thought Id through up some pics of the new 180sx, nothing very exciting at this stage, plan is to keep it as a weekend thrasher/something to learn to drift in

Just in the process of changing over to Type X lights

Coming up soon
– New Wheels
– Lower
– Knuckles
– Camber/Toe Arms
– Sub Frame Risers
– Tie Rods/Tie Rod Ends, Spacers blah blah blah
– Locker
– New Front bumper/or a lip for this bumper until I find a bumper that will go well with the skirts and end caps

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3 Responses to New ride

  1. Joe says:

    You make me want to move to aussie.

  2. Greer says:

    Looks mint man. Guess next time Im there I will get to go for a ride. Won’t comment on the spelling mistake (throw or through) who really knows??

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